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The Castagnini winery was born on the Apuan Alps, between the white marble quarries and the sea.

Our Company, a family history

The Castagnini winery was founded in 2000, on the base of an old farming tradition built up thanks to a solid family experience dating back to the early 1950s.

Since when Roberto Castagnini was a child, thanks to the guidance of his maternal grandfather, he has learned to love and enhance his land, learning day by day the important techniques for the cultivation of the vine, thus merging the ancient knowledge of tradition with the most modern winemaking techniques, managing to obtain refined products, able to enhancing the territorial notes.

Our estate is situated on the hills of Candia between the white marble quarries and the sea, it has an extension of about 5 hectares of terraced vineyard, facing the sea from which they receive the sun, the sea salt and the caresses of the sea breezes. The winds scented by the sea and the Mediterranean maquis that surrounds our vineyards, give unique aromas and flavours, thus allowing us to obtain excellent products.


Apuan wines of superior quality

A family history.




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